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Nadežda Dimitrijević

Nadežda Dimitrijević born in Serbia-Belgrade, March 27.1990.

She built her career since she was a kid, searching for the inspiration she has today.

Graduated communicologist, went to music school, section – piano, on the fashion scene since 2008, in cooperation with fashion agencies, such as Fox, Clik, Roberto Fashion Isreal.

DJ’s career began in 2014, followed by performance invitations from Belgrade night clubs.

Genres that complement her sets: House, Nu Disco, Indie Dance ,Deep house

Festival sound: Deep House, Minimal, Melodic House, Techno

She has performed at festivals such as Exit Festival, LOVE FEST, DEV9T, in Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Austria, Switzerland, France, Germany, Israel, Portugal. She is also engaged in the fashion events, and was hired by the fashion brand DIOR as the official DJ. One of the influencer for Adidas (sports) she was on the many campaign in Serbia.

Also, now she involved in music production at SAE Institution.

Her first EP is coming in 2023.

She has been working on a festival organisation for 10 years – Belgrade Beer Fest, Exit festival, Muscicology festival, electronic music festival Matinée Fest as well as on many cultural music events.

PR for Musicology Sessions – a concert series, which represents a new concept of concert and festival experience, where visitors can enjoy intimate club performances of great world jazz, soul, funk, r’n’b stars, which usually perform in larger spaces. Gregory Porter, Robert Glasper, JAZZANOVA, Paul Randolph, Hindi Zahra, Incognito, The Brand New Heavies, Mario Biondi, Jose James, Sean Kuti, Meshell Ndegeocello, Liv Warfield, Kezi- ah Jones, Bebel Gilberto, are some of the world’s musicians with whom she had the opportunity to collaborate and successfully perform sessions in Belgrade, and they also had a great deal of influence on her music direction.


The innovation that she is trying to build in her music sets appears a lot because of her international music connections.

#Technolove @ BG
Nadezda Dimitrijevic @ Intermezzo Music Bar / Skoplje 21'
Klackenhour Guest Mix - Nadezda Dimitrijevic
Disko Zoo presents #MASTERING @HalfClub with Nadezda Dimitrijevic
Nadezda Dimitrijevic @ Yacht House Session No.17

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Talking about a Music Industry professional who can wear multiple hats -modeling is an- other occupation she successfully tackled. Nada has collaborated with acclaimed names not only in Serbian fashion industry but also world-known designers – and we are talking about brilliant fashion show such as Renato Belestra, Jean Paul Gaultier, La Quan Smith, Antonio Grimaldi! Her class and taste are impeccable both in fashion and in music. These networks allowed her to travel around the world, discover new music. This pace made her resilient and responsive to global trends that are yet to arrive to her country.


Matinée Fest 2021

Muzicki kulturni urednik Politikin Bazar